O3one MQ

April 2020

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O3one MQ is a simple, yet powerful messaging broker. It is based on lightweight ØMQ protocol.

Server Side

The server listen to two port, one for the publishing and one for the subscribers. They are 5555 and 5556 by default. It also opens a web dashboard on the default port 9000. The database is by default only a memory-mapped file (MMAP) that overwrite itself using rotating buffer. It is possible to switch to SQLite with Peewee by enabling persist_enabled but this would imply important performance decrease.

It will great you by its following Command Line Interface when starting :

Command Line Interface of the server

All of the output is logged into a simple “o3-debug.log” file into the “log” folder of the server.

The server also provide a WebSocket interface for subscription from a browser or modern application thanks to the websockets package.

Web Interface

The web UI is developed using Jinja2 template and Bootstrap 4 CSS. It uses the API interface exposed at the /api endpoint of the web dashboard to get health, replication and other information like uptime.

View last enqueued items

The chart is generated using Chart.js and the information are gathered from the WebSocket interface on the port 8765 of the server.

The “Queue Inspection” tool is able to see realtime what’s in the queue and follow last 100 messages

View last enqueued items

Watch it in action

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